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The experience of Arni Praktek of the Work of the Field for 2 months

Assalamualaikum wr.wb

I will tell my experience the apprentice for 2 months. Beforehand my school in Vacational High School 2 Surakarta had the apprentice's program for 2 months that is September up until October 2009 for the class 3 of TAV C-D, 3 of TPM C-D, 3 of TMO C-D, 3 of TKJ B-C. And I in the class 3 TKJ B, according to plan I the apprentice in the Pratama Office of the Tax Service [Kantor Pelayanan Pajak (KPP) Pratama] Surakarta that addressed Street KH Agus Salim No.1 with my friend that is Tsa-tsa Eva Karunia. We in this place of only 2 people.
The first day the apprentice in KPP on the Tuesday on September 1 2009. In KPP appointed at 07.30 am general must has come because of my first day did not want late, at 06.55 am I am going to office by bike because of my house was not so far. After arrive in the office, I and Eva at once headed towards the office of the public's part met the mother Endang. We were given by the briefing about the activity in KPP. After that, we were at once placed in the section's PDI office (Informasi Data Processing), evidently the activity in this place his network was arranged from the centre. We it was recommended asked about material vacational that in accordance with the school to Mr Prawoto, he the management of the section PDI and level instructor STAN. I was introduced to Mr Darmanto, our guide that gave task at 08.30 am general until 11:00 am we were given by the task to put in order, do sums and compared bundles of the tax that a large number of, one big shelf.

At that time we were very bored and the wish wanted to move. Our second day asked permission to the school during the rest to ask for the letter move to konimex. After one answer week konimex could not receive us with the foundation an the shortage of the guide. Because of that we consultations to Mr Tarno, then was taken by the decision a month in KPP and a month in the place of our choice. After through the long process, praise the Lord we were received in UMS Fakultas Teknik Elektro.
For approximately 18 days in KPP we began to be used with the activity to make the covering letter, sharing printer, browsing the internet, counted bundles of the tax, etc. We have also been used to it with the employee/the employee KPP. Although in KPP we not in gave the pay but we sincere worked in this place and one matter that not I the guess, before our day of celebration at end of fasting month was given the cake gift. While being waiting in September to end I felt how heavy it is to work during the fast or during not the fast, but I enjoyed actifity in KPP happily.

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We began in UMS on October 5, in fact we put forward the apprentice in UMS the date 1 to October 31, because we did not yet ask permission in KPP then from Monday on October 5. The apprentice's hour was in UMS begun 09:00 am until 02:00 pm. On the Saturday and on Sunday the holiday and we must match clothes that is using the veil. In the place of the Elektro Lab had also the friend that the apprentice from Vacational High School Tekno-Sa that is Mawar, Resty, and Septy so as we met the new friend.
Fortunately we at once were close with them, although they our class brother. Just the first day entered our guide that is Ms Iffad (headed by the Elektro Lab), Mr Ahmad and Mr Topo, we direct in gave the task in accordance with the Komputer technical route and the Network. We were told assembled computer, etc. Although tiring but we felt happy. By chance in UMS also had our friend boy's 3 people the class 3 TKJ C, but their place difference in the Information Technology part and Communication (TIK). Beforehand the five of us always together but because of having the task that the difference then must be divided and in a changing manner two people in Monitoring Space to entry the data of the lecturer's journal that taught was led by Mr Joko and 3 people was in the Elektro Lab.
When the apprentice also every day did not have the work, then we browsing the internet, ngeblog, facebook’an, download the song, and ngegame “Onet”. At the moment so the association of our friendship increasingly sturdy. Five the hour was in a day in UMS felt short, not was felt already one month. Our apprentice's mass in UMS ended in fact we were still feeling at home. I and Eva the farewell to our guide and friends PKL because they the apprentice still one month again. I must yearn for them.
Not free also the feeling of my longing to friends of the class 3 TKJB.So that is the a glancemy experience story for the apprentice 2 months in 2 places also, like that were felt short was felt to be tired by me and the struggle to complete the work by asking everywhere, there was the feeling happy, dizzy, bored and the weight worked. So many thank you for his care.

Wassalamualaikum wr.wb.

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